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Friday, 9 December 2022, 15:07 pm CET

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Last updated: Thursday, 23 April 2020, 18:26 CET

Please note that you will not find anything on my website that supports "the official story" for the corona virus. If that's what you're looking for go to the news broadcasts of the mainstream media madhouse. However, if you value your well-being and Human Rights and would like to know more about the agenda behind this "outbreak" read on. Unlike the mainstream media, I don't need you or anyone else to believe what I post. Just look at how events are unfolding and then try to prove me wrong. 

If you go to a doctor's office because you have a sore finger and the doctor says, "..well, the only cure I can think of is to cut off your entire arm", you'd be out of there in less than 5 seconds. (at least, if you're not mind-numbingly stupid)

Now, as I have a background in Finance I would like to present you with a little calculation. Let's say that there are currently 7,794,798,739 people in the world and let's say that 6,526 have died from corona to date, March 17th, 2020. (click for source data) Mind you, that is if you believe the numbers that are being reported by the U.N., WHO, and such and I don't believe ANYTHING they are reporting. Even so, if you use their own numbers it would mean that only 0.000084% of the world's population has supposedly died from this virus, but it has been labeled "a pandemic" and the solution, according to political "leaders" worldwide, is to crash the global economy. Imploding the global economy by putting millions of people out of work and in lockdown is going to "stop the virus". If you don't think that's insane you need to get your own head examined. Really. I'm not kidding. The corona virus isn't going to kill you, but the measures that are being taken by governments worldwide will. 

Update March 23rd, 2020: As I have visitors from all over the world on my site I am posting an update as The Netherlands just turned into NAZI GERMANY again. Earlier this evening the government announced that the country isn't going into lockdown, but people will be fined if they don't maintain the "1.5 meter distance" from each other, all gatherings are forbidden until June 1st and you're not supposed to have more than 3 people visiting in your house. The government is actually trying to dictate what you do in the privacy of your own home. F*** that. Not going to happen. And all of this "because of the corona virus". Look at what's already happened in India:

Maharashtra Stamps Left Hand Of Those In Home Quarantine

I am linking to THIS article to remind you of what happened in World War II. 

Anyone with an IQ over 40 knows that if the government REALLY cared about people's health, the advice would be to strengthen the immune system by healthy living, proper nutrition, and rest. Eliminating fundamental human and civil rights has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with eliminating a virus. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Don't stand for this. I won't. What's next? Having to wear a yellow star on your coat if you're a perfectly healthy human being?

Update April 18th, 2020: Section added to the websiteNazi Ideology & The Dark Occult – Then and Now

Read on to learn more and make sure you end up on the right side of history for the corona virus.

– Randy

***IMPORTANT NOTICE for the entire website***: Be Brilliant is not a commercial website so I do not monetize my videos. I also don't endorse any products from other channel owners, so you can IGNORE ALL the advertisements that are displayed by YouTube and other external websites. I highly recommend that you install an adblocker on the browser that you use, and an adblocker specifically for YouTube.


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A Message To Humanity

Posted on 14 September 2015, Last updated on 23 April 2020

Category: The New World Order

This is a clip with the final speech from the movie The Great Dictator. Extremely fitting for the situation that the entire planet finds itself in today. 

Logic alone will tell you that a strong and flourishing human society is impossible under lockdown, or with a 1.5 meter or any other clinically insane "social distancing". So if both aren't very shortly lifted, human life as known on this planet will literally be completely lost. That's not fiction, that's a fact.


Recommended Reading: The Final Speech from The Great DictatorA Letter to The Future by James Corbett

Recommended Viewing: Worldwide Anti-Lockdown & Social Distancing Protests


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Order-Followers and The Corona Virus Cult

Posted on 7 April 2020

Categories: The Corona Virus CultThe New World Order

You see, evil always contains the seeds of its own destruction. It is ultimately negative, and therefore encompasses its downfall even at its moments of apparent triumph. No matter how grandiose, how well-planned, how apparently foolproof of an evil plan, the inherent sinfulness will by definition rebound upon its instigators.


No matter how apparently successful it may seem upon the way, at the end it will wreck itself. It will founder upon the rocks of iniquity and sink headfirst to vanish without trace into the seas of oblivion.


Neil Gaiman

This presentation by Mark Passio may very well turn out to be one of the most important ones that I post with regard to, what I have now come to call, The Corona Virus Cult. The content is best illustrated by showing you two slides from this presentation:

As with any other cult, The Corona Virus Cult leaders demand absolute obedience from the cult's members with regard to the cult's rules and desired behaviors. ANY information that contradicts The Corona Virus Cult's beliefs should be abjectly rejected by the cult's members, as the cult leaders don't tolerate Free Will and Independent Thinking. Cult members strictly obey for fear of punishment which, in the case of The Corona Virus Cult, is supposed death, because if you don't comply "the virus is going to get you" or "you will be fined, censored or incarcerated".


So this is my personal message to the "Powers That Shouldn't and Will Not Be"

I highly recommend this presentation by Mark Passio if you want to Wise Up.

Recommended Viewing:

Mark Passio: De-Mystifying The Occult Part II – Satanism & The Dark Occult

Cathy O’Brien at the Free Your Mind 2 Conference (2013) – TRANCE Formation of America

Jay Parker at the Free Your Mind 4 Conference (2016): Humanity, The Programmable Species

The New World Order's Depopulation Plan – Agenda 21 (2014)

Mark Passio – Natural Law: The Real Law Of Attraction And How It Applies To Your Life

Recommended Reading:

Overcoming The Myth of Authority

How to Turn the Tables on Authority Like a Genius

Does Evil Contain the Seeds of its Own Destruction?


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Perspectives on the Pandemic – Professor Knut Wittkowski PhD

Posted on 9 April 2020

Category: Science & Technology

I came across this interview online today and it absolutely blew me away. This gentleman is the professor that you will Never, Ever see on CNN, BBC or any other BS mainstream network, because his very detailed explanation about the corona virus detonates a nuclear bomb under the official story for "the pandemic".

Let me give you his credentials first as outlined in the transcript of the interview:

Dr. Wittkowski received his PhD in computer science from the University of Stuttgart and his ScD (Habilitation) in Medical Biometry from the Eberhard-Karls-University Tuüingen, both Germany. He worked for 15 years with Klaus Dietz, a leading epidemiologist who coined the term “reproduction number”, on the Epidemiology of HIV before heading for 20 years the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design at The Rockefeller University, New York. Dr. Wittkowski is currently the CEO of ASDERA LLC, a company discovering novel treatments for complex diseases from data of genome-wide association studies.

What Dr. Wittkowski also says at the very end of the interview is:

I’m Knut Wittkowski. I was at the Rockefeller University, I have been an epidemiologist for 35 years, and I have been modeling epidemics for 35 years. It’s a pleasure to have the ability to help people to understand, but it’s a struggle to get heard.

Well, Professor Wittkowski, I heard you. 

I don't promote anything with the name Rockefeller as they are part of the cabal that is at the root of The New World Order, but Professor Wittkowski very clearly isn't part of that agenda.

His scientific and razor sharp analysis of the data on the Corona Virus is truly mind-blowing and proves without a shadow of a doubt, that the global lockdown and measures like social distancing have actually exacerbated what would have otherwise been a regular flu season.

I don't normally post a lot of text as an introduction to a video, but these statements are of the utmost importance for a proper understanding of what is really going on with this so called "epidemic". These are some excerpts from the transcript:

[02:33.24]  JOHN: And so, what do you make of the policy that was enacted in the United States and England and most places throughout the world, this policy of containment, shelter-in-place, etc.? What’s your opinion of it?
[02:47.05]  WITTKOWSKI: Well, what people are trying to do is flatten the curve. I don’t really know why. But, what happens is if you flatten the curve, you also prolong, to widen it, and it takes more time. And I don’t see a good reason for a respiratory disease to stay in the population longer than necessary.
[03:06.17]  JOHN: And what do you say to people who just say, “We just didn’t know about the lethality of this virus and it was the smartest thing to do, to do what we did, and contain everybody, because we just didn’t have the data.”
[03:23.16]  WITTKOWSKI: We had two other SARS viruses before. Or, coronaviruses. It’s not the first coronavirus that comes out, and it won’t be the last. And for all respiratory diseases, we have the same type of an epidemic. If you leave it alone, it comes for two weeks, it peaks, and it goes for two weeks and it’s gone.


[04:27.09]  LIBBY: Do you believe the Chinese statistics? Do you think they’ve lied to us? Do you believe the stats that have come out of China?
[04:36.09]  WITTKOWSKI: The epidemic has ended there, yes. Because otherwise, we would see people emerging—and even in China, it’s today very difficult to keep information under the hood. If there were lots of cases in hospitals, if the hospitals that they built, the temporary hospitals, were still full, we would hear that. This could not be suppressed.
[05:03.25]  JOHN: During the press briefing yesterday, Fauci, and the President, and the rest of the people assembled, were saying that, had they not done the containment strategy that they have done, that upwards of 2 million people would have died in the United States. What do you think of that figure?
[05:22.27]  WITTKOWSKI: Well, I’m not paid by the government, so I’m entitled to actually do science. If the government, if there had been no intervention, the epidemic would have been over, like every other respiratory disease epidemic.
[08:16.20]  LIBBY: So, what accounts, then, for the fact that the hospitals are suddenly more overrun than they have been in a previous flu season, and for world leaders and the news media just going crazy?
[08:29.26]  WITTKOWSKI: Funding for hospitals has, as everybody knows, not increased recently. So, hospitals had to cut down, and, therefore, they now have to run their emergency plans, which is not terrible. That’s what they have been planning for, for decades, so if they have to put up some tents in Central Park, that’s not the end of the world. The tents are there, they’re maintained very well, and they will be there for a few weeks—three, four, maybe, and then the crisis will be over. This is not a situation nobody has ever thought about.
[09:16.07]  JOHN: Do you really think that there’s a major shortage of masks, and things like this?
[09:21.13]  WITTKOWSKI: Of what?
[09:21.13]  JOHN: Masks and PPE and all this? What do you think about all that? Why should there be a shortage of those things?
[09:28.00]  WITTKOWSKI: Because people are getting crazy now and it’s almost like the toilet paper […].


[10:19.14]  JOHN: Right. What do you think about their latest figure that because of, they claim that because of social distancing, that we’ve saved ourselves from the 2 million dead, but that we are probably looking at 150-200,000 dead, though they’ve said that it’s possible that it could be lower, if we are really, really good about social distancing, etc. What do you think about their new estimate of death?
[10:52.12]  WITTKOWSKI: Social distancing definitely is good. It prevented the sky from falling down.
[11:00.04]  JOHN: Are you being ironic?
[11:01.19]  WITTKOWSKI: Of course! I don’t know where these numbers are coming from—they’re totally unrealistic. There are no indications that this flu is fundamentally different from every other flu. We know what happened in China, we know what happened in South Korea, we know what happened, or is happening, in Europe. There are no indications that anything is different from a regular flu. Maybe it’s a bit worse than other flus—could be?
[11:32.02]  For a respiratory disease, the flu ends during springtime, that people spend more time outdoors because outdoors, the viruses cannot easily spread. That is a form of containment, spending more time outdoors.
[11:55.00]  JOHN: So, we’re now spending more time indoors. We’ve been told to go indoors. Isn’t that—doesn’t that help keep the virus going?
[12:03.17]  WITTKOWSKI: It keeps the virus healthy, yeah.
[12:08.19]  LIBBY: So we should be told to go outdoors?
[12:10.18]  WITTKOWSKI: Yeah. Going outdoors is what stops every respiratory disease.


[13:00.14]  JOHN: Now, it’s interesting that you say that, because at Imperial College, you know Neil Ferguson has changed his estimate of the number of dead in England from 500,000 to 20,000 or less, and he says that that is because of social distancing. Now, we also know that the way in which social distancing was implemented in England was not very severe, or extreme, or efficient, so this was after one day of lockdown, he announced that in fact, it would be 20,000 or less. Is there any possibility that that number would have changed that way because of the social distancing?
[13:46.14]  WITTKOWSKI: No. Actually, we have data for that.
[13:53.23]  I looked into the claim that people make that, in China and South Korea, the social distancing had successfully helped to control the epidemic. I looked at the dates when people actually started social distancing. In China, the epidemic peaked on February 1st to February 5th, in that period. But the schools were not closed until February the 20th—that was 2 weeks later. In South Korea, we have a similar pattern. In Daegu, or however that city is being pronounced, where the Church of Shincheonji had that outbreak. The self-quarantine was ordered only on February the 23rd, but the peak in that city happened; the national distancing was not advised until February the 29th, so that’s a week later, when the national peak happened. So, both in China and in South Korea, social distancing started only long after the number of infections had already started to decline, and therefore had very little impact on the epidemic. That means they had already reached herd immunity or were about to reach herd immunity. They were very close. But by installing the social distancing, they prevented it to actually getting to the final point, and this is why we are still seeing new cases in South Korea, several weeks after the peak.
[16:02.18]  JOHN: You said that this is the sort of contagion, because it’s airborne, that you can’t deal with by doing tracing or by social distancing. Explain why that is.
[16:16.20]  WITTKOWSKI: One thing is tracing with an airborne disease is even more difficult than tracing with a sexually transmitted disease which is difficult enough, as we know from AIDS. Most people know who they had contact with, sexual contact with, over the last two weeks. As a human being traveling the subway in New York and doing other things in New York that we just have to do in New York, I couldn’t tell you who the two three four hundred thousand people are I came in contact with over the last two weeks. So, contrast [Editor’s note: contact] tracing for a respiratory disease is impossible.
[17:02.23]  JOHN: Why doesn’t containment work for an airborne disease?
[17:06.07]  WITTKOWSKI: You cannot stop the spread of a respiratory disease within a family, and you cannot stop it from spreading with neighbors, with people who are delivering, who are physicians—anybody. People are social, and even in times of social distancing, they have contacts, and any of those contacts could spread the disease. It will go slowly, and so it will not build up herd immunity, but it will happen. And it will go on forever unless we let it go.


[22:43.04]  LIBBY: Speaking of the numbers, I noticed in your paper, you said that in mid-March there was a change in the reporting system. What was that all about?
[22:50.18]  WITTKOWSKI: This is not the first time it happens. On March 20th, Germany changed its reporting system and suddenly, a lot of cases that had not been reported before were reported. But this is not a sudden increase in cases. Over all, this had no impact on the dynamic of the German epidemic. It increased until about March 27th or so, and has been stable or declining since. The problem in this disease is that reporting and diagnosing are not separated and recorded differently. In the AIDS epidemic, every case was reported with a day of diagnosis and a day of reporting. For whatever reason, this standard developed during the AIDS epidemic is not being employed here. So, we cannot deconvolute this data.
[24:25.22]  In Italy there was a spike on one day, there was a spike on one day in Norway. But we have seen now so many of these spikes, they last for one day and then the numbers go back to where it was before. So, we are not really scared anymore if we see something changing very fast. Nature doesn’t jump. As people have known for a long time. The course of an epidemic is always smooth. There is never a ten-fold increase in number of cases from one day to the other.
[25:08.17]  There is nothing to be scared about. This is a flu epidemic like every other flu. Maybe a bit more severe, but nothing that is fundamentally different from the flus that we see in other years.
[25:33.23]  JOHN: What do you think accounts for the difference in response this time than say to the Swine Flu in 2009? Why are we suddenly so much more panicked and having shut the world down? What do you think is going on?
[25:50.10]  WITTKOWSKI: I think at least one factor is the internet. People are using the internet now much more often, and so news, wrong or false, is spreading the globe within hours, if not minutes. And so, let’s say 50 years ago, we would read in the paper that about a week ago there was an epidemic of flu in the United States or in China or somewhere else, and at that time, it was already over. So, people would say, “Okay, that happens all the time.” Now, what we read is, “Oh! There were 785 cases in the Vatican for two days” Eh, maybe not. And even if it was a reporting error, these stories are circulating the world and contributing to chaos and people being afraid of things they shouldn’t be afraid of.
[27:43.23]  JOHN: So, we keep being told now about the second wave that will come in the fall. Now, tell us what your thoughts about the second wave are and how—it seems like from everything you’re saying is that we’ll have a second wave because of social distancing—
[28:03.18]  WITTKOWSKI: Yes.
[28:04.10]  JOHN: Okay, so, could you say that in a sentence for me?
[28:06.21]  WITTKOWSKI: Okay. If we had herd immunity now, there couldn’t be a second wave in autumn. Herd immunity lasts for a couple of years, typically, and that’s why the last SARS epidemic we had in 2003, it lasted 15 years for enough people to become susceptible again so that a new epidemic could spread of a related virus. Because typically, there is something that requires cross-immunity, so if you were exposed to one of the SARS viruses, you are less likely to fall ill with another SARS virus. So, if we had herd immunity, we wouldn’t have a second wave. However, if we are preventing herd immunity from developing, it is almost guaranteed that we have a second wave as soon as either we stop the social distancing or the climate changes with winter coming or something like that.


[30:10.16]  JOHN: I see. And so, to summarize, you are saying that’s going to flatten and extend the epidemic and create the second wave that we are being told to fear?
[30:21.00]  WITTKOWSKI: Yes. The second wave is a direct consequence of social distancing.
[30:28.16]  JOHN: That’s wonderful to hear.
[30:29.13]  WITTKOWSKI: We already know that the social distancing cost the US taxpayer 2 trillion dollars, in addition to everything else that it costs, but it also has severe consequences for our social life, and depression is definitely something that we will be researching. I can say for myself, walking through New York City right now is depressing.
[31:10.17]  JOHN: So, what do you think? Should we tolerate this? Should we stand for staying sheltered in house arrest till … what is it? April 30th they want?
[31:23.02]  LIBBY: April 30th now.
[31:24.20]  JOHN: I mean, is that what we ought to do or should we, perhaps, be resisting?
[31:31.00]  WITTKOWSKI: We should be resisting, and we should, at least, hold our politicians responsible. We should have a discussion with our politicians. One thing we definitely need to do, and that would be safe and effective, is opening schools. Let the children spread the virus among themselves, which is a necessity to get herd immunity. That was probably one of the most destructive actions the government has done. We should focus on the elderly and separating them from the population where the virus is circulating. We should not prevent the virus from circulating among school children, which is the fastest way to create herd immunity.
[32:24.09]  JOHN: And can you explain, just one more time, as clearly as you can, what’s the concept with natural herd immunity? What happens to the virus when it’s gone through the population in the way you’re describing?
[32:39.07]  WITTKOWSKI: If 80% of people have had contact with the virus and are therefore immune, and that, typically, that contact is just a form of immunization. So, there is no disease, there’s nothing happening, and still there is immunity. If 80% of people are immune and somebody has a virus and is infectious, it will be very difficult for that infectious person to find somebody who is still susceptible, not immune. And therefore, this person will not infect anybody else and therefore we won’t have the disease spreading. That is herd immunity.
[33:29.12]  JOHN: And what happens to the virus? What happens to the virus, at that point?
[33:33.23]  WITTKOWSKI: Well, viruses don’t live, technically, but the virus will eventually be destroyed.
[35:50.05]  WITTKOWSKI: We don’t die of the virus. We die of pneumonia. So, if we have a virus respiratory disease, the disease—once the body has created antibodies, the immune system has created antibodies, the antibodies, or the immune system is killing all infected cells which destroys much of the mucosa. And bacteria can easily settle on that destroyed mucosa, and then cause pneumonia. And it is the pneumonia that is killing people, if it’s not treated. I had a virus, whatever it was, maybe it was—who knows—about three weeks ago, and my physician gave me the antibiotics I should take if the disease gets better and then gets worse, because that is a sign of pneumonia and then we have to treat the pneumonia.
[36:56.06]  JOHN: And pneumonia is what is treated with antibiotics—
[36:59.10]  WITTKOWSKI: Pneumonia is what’s treated with antibiotics. Not the virus.


[41:02.18]  WITTKOWSKI: I think people in the United States and maybe other countries as well are more docile than they should be. People should talk with their politicians, question them, ask them to explain, because if people don’t stand up to their rights, their rights will be forgotten. I’m Knut Wittkowski. I was at the Rockefeller University, I have been an epidemiologist for 35 years, and I have been modeling epidemics for 35 years. It’s a pleasure to have the ability to help people to understand, but it’s a struggle to get heard.



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Bruce Lipton, PhD – The Power of Consciousness and the Biology of Belief

Posted on 12 August 2014, Last updated on 11 April 2020

Category: Science & Technology

I want to reemphasize how important it is not to panic and to be extra mindful of how you take care of your mind and body. Energy flows where attention goes and your thoughts affect your reality more than you may realize. You and ONLY YOU decide who or what you give your attention to and no one can focus for you. People may try to grab or steal your attention, like the mainstream media is constantly trying to do, but again, that will only happen if you allow it.

Bruce Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit and a leading voice in the new biology. A cell biologist by training, he taught cell biology at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and later performed pioneering studies at Stanford University’s School of Medicine.

Through the research of Dr. Lipton and other leading-edge scientists, new discoveries have been made about the interaction between our mind and body and the processes by which cells receive information.

It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology, but that DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell including the energetic messages emanating from our thoughts.

(please ignore the advertisements on YouTube videos)

Related: Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates With, And Is Made From Light


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David Icke Live at Wembley Arena (2014) – Awaken

Posted on 28 April 2019, Last updated on 18 July 2020

Categories: The Corona Virus CultThe New World Order

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." – Jiddu Krishnamurti

If your ideas of Reality and Truth mostly come from what you see on television or read in newspapers and other mainstream media, or so-called "official sources", you have fallen for what Carl Sagan called The Bamboozle. 

In this presentation, David Icke outlines in detail what The Bamboozle actually is.

When he first started speaking publicly about the totalitarian tiptoe and other far more esoteric subjects 30 years or so ago, there were barely a handful of people who came to his lectures and he was endlessly ridiculed. And now, much of what he and other researchers like Jordan Maxwell tried to warn humanity about has come to pass. Worldwide people have gained interest in David Icke's work, which is why he has sold out Wembley Arena and other such venues around the world on multiple occasions.

If you want to understand why the world and your life seem upside down and inside out as a result of the Corona Virus Insanity watch this presentation. This manufactured crisis really is a turning point in humanity's evolution and it will end in only 1 of 2 ways, a more enlightened state of being, or irreversible loss of wellbeing and personal freedoms. This is not an exaggeration. Look around you and decide what you will choose.

A word of caution: the topics covered in this presentation can either be too fantastical, incomprehensible or (just) very challenging for people who are new to this kind of information. My advice: take away from it what you find interesting, skip what you can't handle, and most of all, don't take anyone's word for anything – do your OWN research.

What you need to realize is that the world hasn't suddenly gone bat-sh*t-crazy. The insanity has been here for hundreds of years, but it's coming to the surface now. It isn't new to the world, it's new to YOU. Just browse through to the categories, articles and videos on my website. I don't want to say I told you so, but I did..


The Truth Behind The Coronavirus Pandemic, COVID-19 Lockdown And The Economic Crash  – One To Watch

London Real with David Icke – The Corona Virus/5G Connection – One To Watch


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The Corona Virus Endgame

Posted on 5 March 2020, Last updated on 9 March 2020

Category: The New World Order

Imagine a virus, the most terrifying virus you can imagine, and then imagine that you and you alone have the cure.


But if your ultimate goal is power, how best to use such a weapon?

Watch this clip from the movie V for Vendetta. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

What will the World Disease Organization think of next? Hmmm, let me see, so first it was wash your hands well, keep your distance blabla, now it's don't shake hands at all, so next it will probably be don't have intercourse ever again in case the Corona Virus is sexually transmitted and the final step is don't breathe at all!!

Give me a F-ing break.

If this isn't a PSYOP, I don't know what is.


1. Television: The Number One Tool for Social Engineering and Mass Mind Control 

Watch and listen carefully to what is being explained.

Quote from this video

The first order of business for a propagandist or an advertiser is to create the circumstances, that will induce the state of mind that is favorable to the reception of their message. And that state of mind is the hypnotic state of mind, making television extremely important in this whole process of creating a unified mindset among the entire population.


2. Mind Control Theories and Techniques Used by Mass Media 



This clip needs no introduction. It really speaks for itself.


4. PsyWar

Remember this one?


5. 9/11: The Perfect Example of FAKERY on TV and other News Outlets

Watch the 2 documentaries below if you want a better understanding of how images on news outlets, especially television reporting, can be and are faked.

You don't need a 160 IQ to analyze the images, just use your common sense.

September Clues


9/11: Continuous Pieces


More information on this link


6. The Corona Virus Insanity (click to read)


7. A brilliant article by Jon Rappoport – Italy quarantines 16 million people: “the effect proves the cause” 

Editor's update: By now (Monday evening, March 9th) the whole of Italy is on lockdown, which is a real bummer because I was so looking forward to having tea with the Pope this Sunday – NOT

Clearly, the end of the Corona insanity is nowhere in sight. Let's put every country on the globe on lockdown and then see what happens. Will chimpanzees take over the world?….

Quote from this article:

The effect does not prove the cause. It never did. It never will. Aristotle figured this out 2300 years ago.


8. Aristotle on Causality


9. Why this Draconian Response to COVID-19?

Quote from this article: 

Meanwhile, governments are willy-nilly making drastic decisions that profoundly affect the status of human freedom. Their decisions are going to affect our lives in profound ways. And there has thus far been no real debate on this. It’s just been presumed that containment of the spread rather than the care of the sick is the only way forward.


What’s more, we have governments all-too-willing to deploy their awesome powers to control human populations in direct response to mass public pressure based on fears that have so far not been justified by any available evidence. For this reason, we have every reason to be concerned.


Are we really ready to imprison the world, wreck financial markets, destroy countless jobs, and massively disrupt life as we know it, all to forestall some uncertain fate, even as we do know the right way to deal with the problem from a medical point of view? It’s at least worth debating.


10.  The Coronavirus May Be a Threat to Many, But the State’s Reaction is a Threat to Us All

Quotes from this article: 

TFTP (thefreethoughtproject) has spoken with a source in China who says that thousands of people are dying from the lockdown — not because they have the coronavirus — but because they are unable to leave their homes to receive treatment for curable diseases. To stop the spread of the coronavirus, Chinese officials have reportedly condemned thousands of other sick folks to death.


No one here is claiming that we shouldn’t have some level of concern when it comes to coronavirus which as of Monday morning has [insert: supposedly] infected over 111,000 people, killing over 3,800 worldwide. However, all of these police state measures raise an extremely important question that society must start to consider right now. Is the cure worse than the disease?


11. Containing Ebola: Quarantine and the Constitution

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Presumably the federal quarantine law and the implementing regulations and executive orders fall within the power of Congress to regulate foreign and interstate commerce, although some recent statements by the Supreme Court’s conservative Justices call even that authority into question.


The civil confinement cases might therefore suggest that attempts to confine people because they are infected with a contagious disease should also be tested by the clear-and-convincing evidence standard. But as various academic articles note, that approach would be unworkable. If even one in a thousand people is likely to pose a risk of infecting the general public with a highly contagious deadly disease, then the government should be able to quarantine all one thousand, even though the probability that any one of them is infected is far below even a preponderance, much less clear and convincing evidence.


It does not follow, however, that government officials should be permitted to issue quarantine orders without any judicial oversight. A person subject to quarantine—or given the numbers that could be involved, a class action representative suing on behalf of many people subject to quarantine—should be permitted to challenge the quarantine itself.


Public health officials appear to disagree about the efficacy of quarantine measures. Accordingly, a plaintiff’s mere invocation of that disagreement should not be enough to secure the judicial invalidation of a quarantine. Otherwise, the government could never implement a quarantine.


At the same time, however, quarantine amounts to an extraordinarily serious limitation on liberty. Moreover, even a quarantine that is justified for purposes of preventing the spread of a disease to the general population can put the individuals subject to the quarantine at greater risk of becoming sick themselves—by concentrating them among others with a higher risk of being infected.


Accordingly, judicial review of government officials’ claims that a quarantine is necessary to protect public health should not be a mere rubber stamp

12. Medical Martial Law

Remember Swine Flu? The Corona Virus crisis is a crisis that has been in the making for decades. An excellent report by James Corbett in the video below.

Source: Corbettreport.com


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The Corona Virus Insanity 

Posted on 25 February 2020, Last updated on 28 February 2020

Category: Science & Technology

If you want to be able to separate fact from fiction with regard to the ever-changing stories and explanations about the Corona Virus, I highly recommend that you read the articles written on the websites of these two investigative journalists:

Jon Rappoport's website No More Fake News: COVID-19 Archive and SARS Archive

Del Bigtree's website: The Highwire

According to one of the latest official reports you can spread the corona virus, EVEN if you don't have any symptoms, i.e. you have the corona virus even if you don't have the corona virus.

That's insane.

The video below is highly recommended viewing, but again, please disregard the religious references by the interviewer. Del Bigtree is a great investigative journalist, but he isn't Jesus. 🙂 As I've said many times on my site: I do not subscribe to any religious views.

Also highly recommended is this interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Del Bigtree. 

The Truth About Big Pharma



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Category: The Middle East

Posted on 9 April 2016

There are only two things which are infinite, human stupidity and the Universe, and I'm not sure about the second one.  – Albert Einstein

The video below is part of a playlist that I posted in this article. I'm featuring it on the front page to educate the simple-minded who believe that good things will come, from electing lunatics with a narcissistic personality disorder into office.

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Posted on 12 April 2014

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SOFEX is one of the places where the world's generals go to buy everything from handguns to laser-guided missile systems. It stands for "Special Operations Forces Exhibition Conference" and it's essentially a trade show where just about anyone with enough money can buy the most powerful weapons in the world.

To quote this video's presenter: "It's the business of war. All the generals coming with billions upon billions of dollars of taxpayer money (yes, your money too), to buy weapons, to fuck shit up."

What should be more than obvious to you, after you've watched this video, is that peace is very bad for business.

And people still wonder why the world is in the state it's in.

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