Hijacking Humanity – Part 1 of 5

Created on Monday, 02 May 2011 19:40

After connecting with many people from around the world during 5 years of intense research, Paul Verge charted his journey of startling discoveries in this 5 part documentary. He made a film that examines the many aspects of authoritative systems that are taken for granted in everyday life. From currency printing and the origins of our money, to how the media works and the compartmentalization of information.

The film takes the viewer through the many systems where hidden levers are pulled and backs are scratched in the shadows. The seemingly unconnected gears of everyday powerbrokers combine into a massive jigsaw puzzle, revealing themselves to be part of the juggernaut machinery pushing towards a consolidation of World Power.  In short, ‘Hijacking Humanity’ connects the dots between seemingly unconnected dynamics.

If you are the type of person who likes to ask questions and demand answers, then you'll want to know what this film has to offer.


Our System, Our Structure, Our Illusion


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