New Earth Project Online Seminar – The Line In The Sand (Streamed Live on October 2nd, 2020)

Last updated: July 27, 2021 at 11:41 am

On October 2nd, 2020, a very eclectic, very distinguished, and highly informed group of people came together to discuss the COVID-19 Hoax and the Future of Man&Woman-kind. The seminar lasted 4 hours and 37 minutes which may seem like a long watch, but I guarantee that it will be worth your while. 

It goes without saying that I don't agree with every single viewpoint that was expressed, but the diversity of the group and the fact that the COVID-19 Hex was looked at from every angle, make it a very valuable presentation for people who still suffer from COVID-19 Psychosis and Mind Control.

If you've watched it and want to make a difference in terms of helping to get Humanity back on a new path of Sovereignty, Love, Harmony, and Prosperity, share the video far and wide.

Daniel Schmachtenberger on Sensemaking, Narrative Warfare, The Importance of a Healthy Information Ecology and more


Sensemaking is the ability or attempt to make sense of an ambiguous situation. More exactly, sensemaking is the process of creating situational awareness and understanding in situations of high complexity or uncertainty in order to make decisions. It is "a motivated, continuous effort to understand connections (which can be among people, places, and events) in order to anticipate their trajectories and act effectively" (Klein et al., 2006a).

To understand what is being explained by Daniel Schmachtenberger in the videos in this article, you need an above-average intelligence and command of the English language, and an equally good understanding of philosophical concepts, science and technology, and finance and business terms. If you have none or only some of these but want to watch the videos anyway, I recommend that you write down the words you don’t know and pause the video to look them up or look them up later.

If you’re capable of and actually enjoy critical thinking, this dialogue will truly be a delight for you. It was for me. Daniel Schmachtenberger’s outline of sensemaking, narrative warfare, the importance of a healthy information ecology and other related topics is simply brilliant.

In this day and age, few people have the mental and intellectual capacity (or even the will) to deeply and, more importantly, correctly analyze complex concepts and situations which, if it doesn’t change and change soon, is an existential threat to the human race.

Daniel Schmachtenberger is a founding member of The Consilience Project, aimed at improving public sensemaking and dialogue. The throughline of his interests has to do with ways of improving the health and development of individuals and society, with a virtuous relationship between the two as a goal. Towards these ends, he’s had a particular interest in the topics of catastrophic and existential risk, civilization and institutional decay and collapse as well as progress, collective action problems, social organization theories, and the relevant domains in philosophy and science.

The War on Sensemaking – Part 1

The War on Sensemaking – Part 2

If We Don't Fix Sensemaking, We Won't Survive

Source: Rebel Wisdom

The Only Thing New In The World Is The History You Don’t Know

Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace in 1958 about Enemies of Freedom a.k.a Brave New World Revisited.

As someone very accurately stated in one of the comments on this video: Remarkable that we (Editor's note: some people), must listen to an interview from 1958 to understand what's happening in 2021.

Fritz Springmeier mid-90's interview about his book Bloodlines of the Illuminati

If you've never heard of this book (it's a classic), there is indeed a very big hole in your knowledge of world history.