THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes

COVID-19 is a Tale told by an Idiot, Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing.


William Shakespeare, if he had been alive in 2020

Foster and Kimberly Gamble have made a superb sequel to the THRIVE movie, and they premiered their much-anticipated film globally on September 26th, 2020. You will get the most out of THRIVE II if you have also seen the first film which was released online for free in 2011. In this very timely follow-up, the Gamble's present the results of their investigation into the most promising solutions in energy, health, consciousness, and non-coercive societal structures, that can and will make the planet and its inhabitants truly thrive if these solutions are made available on a global scale. They also show which institutions are going to extreme lengths to try to prevent this from happening.

You can watch THRIVE II online on for a very small price and in case you're wondering, No, I don't get a fee for promoting the film. Compared to the small fortune that was spent on creating these 2 feature-length films, $12,09 (incl. tax) really isn't a lot to ask for a 72-hour online rental and I strongly encourage you to watch it. 

You can either spend 2,5 hours watching, reading, and/or listening to the garbage that is being spewed by the mainstream media (..which actually goes on 24/7), OR you can spend 2,5 hours engaging your mind in some truly inspiring, highly informative and uplifting information. The choice, as always, is yours and this is the trailer of THRIVE II to help you decide.


We Are The Champions and Born To Be Alive

(tʃæmpiən  )



A champion is someone who has won the first prize in a competition, contest, or fight.

Synonyms: winner, hero, victor, conqueror  



If you are a champion of a person, a cause, or a principle, you support or defend them.

Synonyms: defender, guardian, patron, backer   

Collins Dictionary

To all the Champions around the world who are fighting for Truth, Justice and Freedom, this song is respectfully dedicated to all your efforts and work.

We stand on the shoulders of giants who battled throughout history for the same causes.

Play this song in your living room, when you're out in your garden or in your car, anywhere!

Quote from the lyrics:

I consider it (Editor's note: this time in history, 2020 and beyond) a challenge before the whole Human Race and I ain't gonna lose.

We are the Champions of The World. Join Us!


Never forget that you were Born to Be Alive. Not to "self-quarantine indefinitely", practice "social distancing", or to be turned into a biorobot due to a mass psychosis over an imaginary bug.

You'll have plenty of time to quarantine and socially distance yourself when you're dead. Life Has To Be Lived!

Exposing Evil Is The New Normal – Excellent Vlog by Truth Warrior

Update 01 March 2021

The Truth Warrior channel isn't on YouTube anymore.


I LOVE this vlog by David Whitehead. In this article I'd like to expand on some of the things he says in this video.

Now that it has been proven Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt that there is No Legitimate Medical Basis for the global lockdown, wearing surgical face masks or "social distancing" in any way, shape or form, those who are promoting these clearly anti-life and anti-human measures must have diabolical intentions.

Let me remind you of what the term antisocial used to mean before "COVID-19":

What all the fans and promoters of  "COVID-19" and it's Draconian measures and laws are in fact saying is that for them, Being Antisocial is The New Normal.

What all the fans and promoters of "COVID-19" and it's Draconian measures and laws are also saying is that the world as we know it has to come to a very definite end, because someone hugged a panda in a zoo in China, but the panda was contaminated because it accidentally ate a mosquito that drank contaminated blood from a biolab in Wuhan, OH….. no wait….., I've got my stories mixed up…… Now I remember! All Human Life on planet Earth has to be destroyed because someone bought and ate a contaminated bat at a food market in Wuhan, China. Pfew! so glad I got that all cleared up.

What SO many people STILL don't understand, is that every single person who is telling you to deprive yourself of fresh air, sunlight, human activity and human interaction at all costs, is telling you that it's OK to,


Let me remind you of The Hippocratic Oath and how Human Beings are meant to interact.

I realize that the fact that I have a Navy SEAL-like ability to deal with solitude (not being afraid of my own shadow, thoughts or dying), excludes me from this general category but we are not talking about me here!

This is about 99,99% of the global population:

A Brief History of Our Need To Be Social

Human beings are social creatures

We Humans Are Social Beings – And Why That Matters For Speakers and Leaders

The Importance of Social Connection

Why We Are Wired to Connect

UCLA neuroscientist's book explains why social connection is as important as food and shelter

The neurobiology of human social behaviour: an important but neglected topic

Does the Quantity of Social Interactions Affect Happiness?

Social Evolution and Why We Need to Communicate

The cooperative human

I could go on but, once again, I think I've made my point and if you read the articles above, you will understand why the psychopaths want to kill more than half the planet's population with vaccines in order to execute their plans.

Human beings are literally HARD-WIRED to socialize, interact and to seek well-being and expansion. Granted, this can certainly be done in a much more planet-friendly way (!!) but that's what Human Nature is.

In the end, Nature always wins, it always has and it always will and Exposing Evil will henceforth be The New Normal.


David Icke Live at Wembley Arena (2014) – Awaken

Last updated: November 22, 2020 at 9:50 am

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." – Jiddu Krishnamurti

If your ideas of Reality and Truth mostly come from what you see on television and other mainstream media, read in newspapers, or from so-called "official sources", you have fallen for what Carl Sagan called The Bamboozle. 

In this presentation, David Icke outlines in detail what The Bamboozle actually is.

When he first started speaking publicly about the totalitarian tiptoe and other far more esoteric subjects 30 years or so ago, there were barely a handful of people who came to his lectures and he was endlessly ridiculed. And now, much of what he and other researchers like Jordan Maxwell tried to warn humanity about has come to pass. Worldwide people have gained interest in David Icke's work, which is why he has sold out Wembley Arena and other such venues around the world on multiple occasions.

If you want to understand why the world and your life seem upside down and inside out as a result of the Corona Virus Insanity watch this presentation. This manufactured crisis really is a turning point in humanity's evolution and it will end in only 1 of 2 ways, a more enlightened state of being, or irreversible loss of well-being and personal freedoms. This is not an exaggeration. Look around you and decide what you will choose.

A word of caution: the topics covered in this presentation can either be too fantastical, incomprehensible, or (just) very challenging for people who are new to this kind of information. My advice: take away from it what you find interesting, skip what you can't handle, and most of all, don't take anyone's word for anything – do your OWN research.

What you need to realize is that the world hasn't suddenly gone bat-sh*t-crazy. The insanity has been here for hundreds of years, but it's coming to the surface now. It isn't new to the world, it's new to YOU. Just browse through the categories, articles, and videos on my website. I don't want to say I told you so, but I did..


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