The REAL Pandemic Part 1 of 2: MK ULTRA/Monarch Trauma Based Mind Control of People and Populations

The 3 short documentaries in this article, which were made by Jay Myers for his YouTube channel, give an excellent explanation of what MK ULTRA/Monarch Trauma Based Mind Control of People and Populations is. Very well-researched and highly recommended viewing. I will feature more documentaries from his channel in upcoming articles.

I've said repeatedly that "COVID-19" is also designed to traumatize the global population to such an extent, that they will mindlessly go along with the agenda for the Global Fascist Surveillance State. 

The majority of the people on this planet would NEVER voluntarily forsake the very foundation of their Humanity, which is the right to live and interact freely with other human beings, unless they are severely traumatized into believing that this is necessary for their very survival, WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE with "COVID-19". It's not a disease and there is no "pandemic".

Your survival does not depend on wearing a face mask, or maintaining a permanent 1.5-meter distance from every other human being on the planet, or getting poison that is being marketed as medicine injected into your body. 

If you haven't seen it yet, this presentation by Mark Passio is also a must-watch if you want to understand the ideology of the creatures behind "COVID-19": Mark Passio: De-Mystifying The Occult Part II – Satanism & The Dark Occult.

MK ULTRA/Monarch Trauma Based Mind Control (2016)

6 Signs of MK ULTRA/Monarch Mind Control (2018)

Something Strange Is Happening at The Mall (2018)


COVID-19 is an Epidemic of Spectacular Insanity and Stupidity

"COVID-19" has never been and will never be a disease. To date not a single shred of credible scientific evidence has been provided by anyone who claims it is.

What has been incontrovertibly established however with a mountain of day-to-day evidence, is that "COVID-19" isn't only the biggest PSYOP ever perpetrated on the human race, it's also the most blatant display of Insanity and Stupidity that has ever been given.

Just look at and listen to the people who promote and support the official "COVID-19" story. Enjoy the show folks.