There’s No Tomorrow

Created on Saturday, 03 March 2012 21:25

 ‘There’s No Tomorrow’ is a half-hour animated documentary about resource depletion, energy and the impossibility of infinite growth on a finite planet.


How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth?

Last updated: July 24, 2018 at 19:33 pm

Created on Tuesday, 05 October 2010 20:15

In this BBC Horizon special, naturalist Sir David Attenborough investigates whether the world is heading for a population crisis. In his lengthy career David Attenborough has watched the human population more than double from 2.5 billion in 1950 to nearly seven billion now. He reflects on the profound effects of this rapid growth, both on humans and the environment.

While much of the projected growth in human population is likely to come from the developing world, it is the lifestyle enjoyed by many in the West that has the most impact on the planet.  Attenborough examines whether it is the duty of individuals to commit not only to smaller families, but to change the way they live for the sake of humanity and planet Earth. 


Arithmetic, Population and Energy

A Crude Awakening

Created on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 23:01

The Age of Oil — 100-plus years of astonishing economic growth made possible by cheap, abundant oil — could be ending without our really being aware of it. Oil is a finite commodity. At some point even the vast reservoirs of Saudi Arabia will run dry.

But before that happens there will come a day when oil production 'peaks,' when demand overtakes supply (and never looks back) resulting in large and possibly catastrophic price increases that could make today's $60-a-barrel oil look like chump change…


The End Of Suburbia

Created on Thursday, 07 October 2010 20:26

Since World War II North Americans have invested much of their newfound wealth in Suburbia. It has promised a sense of space, affordability, family life and upward mobility. As the population of suburban sprawl has exploded in the past 50 years, so too has the suburban way of life become embedded in the American consciousness.

Suburbia, and all it promises, has become the American Dream. But as we enter the 21st century, serious questions are beginning to emerge about the sustainability of this way of life. With brutal honesty and a touch of irony, The End of Suburbia (2004) explores the American Way of Life and its prospects, as the demand for fossil fuels begins to outstrip supply.

Energy prices will absolutely skyrocket in the coming years and the consequences of inaction in the face of this global crisis are enormous. In this documentary scientists and policymakers explain what Peak Oil means, not only for North America, but also for the rest of the world.

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