Energy War

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Created on Friday, 10 December 2010 18:35

Forget the axis of evil; it’s the axis of oil. The Cold War was about ideology, the "War on Terror" is about globalization. The 21st century will be dominated by the fight for energy. It will be every country for itself and it’s going to get dirty. This film describes the geopolitical consequences of the dependency on fossil fuels. In the struggle for the last sources of fossil fuels countries all over the world are forced to take new political and moral decisions and enter into awkward alliances; rogue regimes are tolerated and befriended. With a special focus on the gas conflict between Georgia and Russia and the position of Saudi Arabia, this documentary sheds light on the inverse connection between rising oil prices and the establishment of free democracies. The film then moves on to take a look at the international markets for alternative energy.


If oil and gas are scarce and expensive in the future where will countries turn to keep their economy going and their population warm and happy?

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