London Real with David Icke – The Corona Virus/5G Connection

Last updated: June 1, 2020 at 7:21 am

London Real's latest interview with David Icke with regard to the Corona Virus/5G connection caused an enormous commotion since it was posted online yesterday, April 6th, 2020.

The video, which is original content created by London Real, was banned from YouTube and also deleted by Vimeo. There was a re-upload to YouTube which can be seen on, but the video can't be embedded to websites. This is a perfect example of the Corona Virus Cult in action.

The connection between the Corona Virus and 5G isn't new as it was also reported by other researchers like Jon Rappoport. What it comes down to, in short, is that the so called symptoms of the Corona Virus may very well be attributed to 5G electromagnetic radiation.

To give you the complete picture I'm posting all the videos related to this subject in sequence in this article. Download and share them far and wide, as both London Real and David Icke requested, if you care about Freedom of Speech. Every single video on my website is backed up in 3 separate physical locations that only I have access to (…yes, the information on my website is THAT important) and I will add these there for safekeeping as well.


Update April 9th, 2020: What a week! Not only has YouTube banned the absolutely brilliant interview that London Real had with David Icke about the Corona Virus/5G Connection, they, on top of that, have now also deleted the vlogs on London Real's YouTube channel in which Brian Rose mentions that the interview was banned. I-kid-you-not.

However, Brian Rose subsequently had a fantastic interview with Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Radio Show, in which he goes into even greater detail about the rabid censorship that is currently going on online. My advice to you: STOP with quietly consenting to your own enslavement and educate yourself about the agenda of The Corona Virus Cult.

If you STILL don't understand that the global lockdown has nothing to do with "stopping a pandemic", you are unfortunately completely clueless about what's really going on in the world.

Watch and learn.



David Icke's London Real Video Package

The 5G Wi-Fry of Earth

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