Women and Spirituality Part 1 of 3: Goddess Remembered

Goddess Remembered is the first in a series of three films about Women and Spirituality made by Donna Reed . Part 1 focuses on the existence of pre-Christian Goddess-worshiping religions, which fostered an egalitarian society based on human cooperation. This civilization thrived for a long time without the intrusion of war. Visits to Paleolithic caves in France and temples in Crete give a glimpse of artifacts from this gynocentric world.

Scholars Merlin Stone, Jean Bolen and Charlene Spretnak draw connections between these ancient cultures, and women's contemporary interest in a spirituality based on harmony with nature. (Edited from spiritualityandpractice.com)

Women and Spirituality Part 2 of 3: The Burning Times

The Burning Times, part 2 of the Women and Spirituality trilogy by Donna Reed, offers a chilling look at the persecution of women accused of being witches in Europe between the 15th and 17th centuries. The Christian church and the state cooperated in a concerted effort to wipe out the power and independence of midwives, healers, and crones. Thousands were tortured and burned at the stake.

Matthew Fox, Margit Adler and others discuss the misogyny and sinister religious forces behind this massive campaign. (Edited from spiritualityandpractice.com)

Women and Spirituality Part 3 of 3: Full Circle

Full Circle is the last part of the Women and Spirituality trilogy by Donna Reed. Here authors, social activists, teachers and feminists talk about the continuing battle against patriarchy, and the need for a closer connection with the natural world. The film depicts the ways in which various individuals are finding empowerment through meeting together, performing rituals and fashioning a spirituality that is Goddess-based. 

(Edited from spiritualityandpractice.com)

The Revelation Of The Pyramids

Created on Saturday, 10 September 2011 11:26

The Revelation Of The Pyramids takes an in depth look at one of the seven wonders of the world, The Great Pyramids of Giza. Mystery has surrounded these epic structures for centuries with theories varying from the scientific to the bizarre.

This documentary puts forth yet another and in my view very plausible theory of what lies behind this greatest of archaeological mysteries: an important message for mankind through time and space.