Introduction To This Section

Introduction To This Section

Last updated: December 2, 2020 at 7:31 am

I created this section as a direct result of the Draconian measures "to combat the corona virus" that are being maintained worldwide. There is rampant censorship online and on every outlet of the mainstream media, against anyone who questions the official narrative for "the pandemic". Some of the people who are being censored or given no air time whatsoever are top-level scientists, very well trained and highly experienced doctors who are working bedside with corona patients and scholars. Watch this very important April 9th, 2020 episode of The Highwire titled Blowing the Whistle on COVID-19 and also watch Silent Epidemic – The Untold Story of Vaccines for more information.

It is truly baffling for me to see how naive and gullible people are, and how many people still fail to see the parallels between what is currently going on and what happens under fascist regimes. Last time I checked:

– An open and ongoing public debate about matters that concern an entire population was a fundamental principle of a free society

– Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right that dictators and fascist regimes take away to silence opponents

– Selecting the elderly, weak or otherwise disabled for death was done by the Nazis and other fascist regimes. Now with "COVID-19", governments worldwide are doing exactly the same by refusing treatment to those in need, under the pretext of "having to make hard choices."

– Separating family members indefinitely under government orders was done by the Nazis and other fascist regimes

– Forcing people to take experimental drugs, be it vaccines or otherwise, was done by the Nazis and other fascist regimes

Countless researchers have been warning for YEARS about exactly what is happening now. But as has been proven over and over again, human beings as a species and as individuals generally pay very little attention to what's happening on a global scale, unless and until they are personally and negatively affected. And then it's too late. It's time for the world's population to wake up to the fact that a Global Fascist Regime is being implemented under the pretext of "fighting a pandemic" and I will not stop speaking out against this until I'm proven wrong.

If it's difficult for you to understand why I'm so adamant watch all the videos in this section in the order in which they are presented, even if you've been a visitor on the site from day one. [and I launched the site 11 years ago, so well done you if that’s the case] You can also look at the overview of titles and jump back and forth, but you might miss the historical pattern. It's a lot of information so do take your time and go through it at your own pace.

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