Jessica Murray, Soul-Sick Nation

Created on Wednesday, 28 October 2009 18:41

Astrology and geopolitics may seem strange bedfellows, but Soul-Sick Nation puts the two together in a masterful hybrid to provide a perspective as extraordinary as the times we are living in.

 Using the principles of ancient wisdom to make sense of the current global situation, this keenly intelligent book elucidates the meaning of an epoch in distress and proposes a path towards healing. Soul-Sick Nation is neither a conventional astrology book nor a standard-issue political commentary. With clear, accessible language and a thorough appendix at the end, the book requires no previous knowledge of astrology. It introduces the newcomer to the subject with substantial depth.

 Using the vocabularies of astrology and Jungian psychology, Jessica Murray invites the reader to consider critical contemporary issues with a perspective that reaches far beyond partisanship and provincialism. She offers an in-depth analysis of America's essential destiny, uncovering chapter by chapter the greater purpose motivating this group soul. With a rare blend of compassion, humor and fearless taboo-busting, she shows how this greater purpose has been distorted, and how it might be re-embraced in the decades to come.


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