The “COVID-19 Vaccine” and Shark Pigeons

Remember before "COVID-19", when life was simple, and pigeons were considered to be a major problem and very serious hazard to human health:

Plague of pigeons leave children unable to play outside as gardens 'filled with poo and dead birds'

Pigeon Pest Control in Greater Manchester

Why do we hate pigeons so much?

How to get rid of pigeons

How to Get Rid of Pigeons Naturally?

Do It Yourself Pigeon Deterrents

(Yes, I'm being facetious on the way to making a very serious point)

And then, while many people were trying to find a permanent solution for pigeon infestations, overnight the world economy was imploded, more than half the world's population was instructed to stay at home indefinitely and away from other human beings through "social distancing", because of "a problem" that originated with mammals that look like birds – "bats in China". 

This "problem" is now known as "COVID-19" and the proposed "global solution" is a mandatory vaccine filled with nanoparticles (but they won't tell you this) that can, among other things, destroy your organs, your brain if the particles pass the blood brain barrier and your DNA. 

Again, don't take my word for it, do your own research (!), but this is an article to get you started and I will also mention a few quotes from this article below:

Recommended ReadingDrug delivery and nanoparticles: Applications and hazards

The toxicology of particulate matter differs from toxicology of substances as the composing chemical(s) may or may not be soluble in biological matrices, thus influencing greatly the potential exposure of various internal organs. This may vary from a rather high local exposure in the lungs and a low or neglectable exposure for other organ systems after inhalation. However, absorbed species may also influence the potential toxicity of the inhaled particles. For nanoparticles the situation is different as their size opens the potential for crossing the various biological barriers within the body.

From several perspectives the brain is a challenging organ for drug delivery. First, the incidence of degenerative diseases in the brain will increase with the aging population. Secondly, the blood brain barrier (BBB) is well-known as the best gatekeeper in the body toward exogenous substances (review ). Generally pharmaceuticals including most small molecules do not cross the BBB. The endothelial barrier is specifically tight at the interface with the brain astrocytes and can in normal conditions only be passed using endogeneous BBB transporters resulting in carrier mediated transport, active efflux transport and/or receptor mediated transport. However the barrier properties may be compromised intentionally or unintentionally by drug treatment allowing passage of nanoparticles.

Is our current regulation robust enough to handle risks of nanomaterials? We deal with a growing set of materials of which the properties are largely unknown and for which current testing procedures and legislation might produce false negatives and/or false positives. The central question here is whether current testing and classification protocols are appropriate or sufficient.

Nanotechnology also promotes convergence of technologies, and for example similar materials may be applied in the automotive and the life sciences sector.

Do you now understand why Bill-I-Have-No-Medical-Degrees-Whatsoever-Gates has nightmares over not being able to push his vaccine agenda through? If every man, woman, and child on the planet is vaccinated, every person on the planet can literally be turned into a remote-controlled computer in the Global Fascist State due to nanobots in the bloodstream.

If technology isn't your strong suit, you really need to educate yourself about it in every way, because the days when it was harmless to be ignorant about technology-related issues are long gone and they're not coming back. When it comes to the future of society and medicine, what you don't know, will kill you.

If you think the lockdown is bad, wait and see what happens when the vaccine is rolled out. Don't take it!

The use of Nanotechnology in medicine and more specifically drug delivery is set to spread rapidly. For decades pharmaceutical sciences have been using nanoparticles to reduce toxicity and side effects of drugs. Up to recently it was not realized that these carrier systems themselves may impose risks to the patient. The type of hazards that are introduced by using nanoparticles for drug delivery are beyond that posed by conventional hazards imposed by chemicals in delivery matrices. However, so far, the scientific paradigm for the possible (adverse) reactivity of nanoparticles is lacking and we have little understanding of the basics of the interaction of nanoparticles with living cells, organs and organisms.

What you can count on is the Fear Propaganda Machine going into complete overdrive to terrify the global population into taking the lethal drug. 

Expect headlines like "If You Don't Take the Vaccine, The Shark Pigeons Are Going To Get You!!"

Do yourself and the rest of humanity a favor and don't fall for it. There are no Shark Pigeons (at least, not yet, but perhaps Bill Gates will fund research to make some) and there is no "COVID-19".

In fact, you can even have some fun with this. Whenever you hear or see "COVID-19" mentioned in the mainstream media, replace "COVID-19" with "Shark Pigeons" and see what that would translate to:

"The COVID-19 Pandemic" = "The Shark Pigeon Pandemic"

"The death toll due to COVID-19 has sharply increased since yesterday" =  "The death toll due to Shark Pigeons has sharply increased since yesterday".

"Unite Against COVID-19" = "Unite Against Shark Pigeons"


"COVID-19" and mandatory "Social Distancing" = Insanity.

Plain, Pure, Certifiable Insanity. And that's all there is to it.

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