ZERO : An Investigation Into 9/11

Created on Thursday, 15 October 2009 22:01

Last updated: June 14, 2018 at 19:26 pm

ZERO: An Investigation Into 9/11 made by Italian production company Telemaco has one central thesis which is: the official version of the events surrounding the attacks on 9/11 cannot be true. The documentary explores scientific evidence and reveals witness testimony that directly conflicts with the US Government's account.

It also includes interviews with former airline pilots, professors and other intellectual heavy weights such as Gore Vidal and Noble Prize winner Dario Fo. In the words of the Italian daily newspaper, Il Corriere de da Sera, "What results is a sequence of contradictions, gaps and omissions of stunning gravity".

The importance of this film cannot be overstated.

All the documentaries on the site can be watched in full screen mode and this one can be enlarged by clicking on the arrows next to the vimeo logo.

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