The Science Of Sex Appeal

Created on Tuesday, 24 April 2012 10:48

‘The Science of Sex Appeal’ isolates every detail of human sex appeal and explores it in terms of evolution and function. It shows what is genetic, what is hormonal and what neurological. What is based on sight, what on smell and what on small subtle cues like voice and movement. It essentially takes one of our deepest subconscious processes and lays it out in detail.


You'll never look at a stranger or your loved one or yourself in quite the same way again. 🙂 (Amazon editorial review)


Although this documentary is certainly quite interesting and informative it does not cover the psychological and/or metaphysical sides of sex appeal in dept. If you’d like to know more about those aspects I can recommend the following literature:

– ‘The Casanova Complex’ by Peter Trachtenberg
– ‘Women Who Love Too much’ by Robin Norwood
– ‘Journey Of Souls’ by Michael Newton
– ‘Twin Souls’ by Maurie Pressman and Patricia Joudry


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