TechnoCalyps (2006)

TechnoCalyps (2006)

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TechnoCalyps is a three-part documentary series on the notion of Transhumanism.

The accelerating advances in genetics, brain research, artificial intelligence, bionics, and nanotechnology seem to converge to only one goal: to replace organic human life with artificial/transhuman life. The filmmakers conduct an inquiry into the scientific, ethical and metaphysical dimensions of these technological developments by interviewing scientists and thinkers on the subject worldwide, including Marvin Minsky, Ray Kurzweil, Hans Moravec, Terence McKenna, Bruce Sterling, Robert Anton Wilson, Margaret Wertheim, Rael, the Dalai Lama, and many others.

An online reviewer had the following to say about this documentary:

‘I very highly recommend this film. Even though there is much conjecture about how technology might affect the future, there is also much that is discussed that is already true, and is actually affecting our lives today. The fact that the rate of speed of technological advancements is doubling is a fact.


I won't say anymore, except that if you like to think, and you want to know what our future on this planet might hold very soon, and you want to have your mind blown, see this film immediately.’

TechnoCalyps Part 1 of 3 – TransHuman


TechnoCalyps Part 2 of 3 –  Preparing For The Singularity


TechnoCalyps Part 3 of 3 – The Digital Messiah

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