Plane Crash

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On October 7th, 2012 Discovery Channel aired an episode of ‘Curiosity’ in which a Boeing 727 was deliberately crash-landed in a remote and uninhabited Mexican desert as part of a scientific experiment. The pilot ejected from the 170-seat aircraft just minutes before the collision after setting the plane on a crash course. When he left the aircraft it was remotely flown from a chase plane.

Rather than carrying passengers, the plane was packed with scientific experiments including crash test dummies. Dozens of cameras recorded the crash from inside the aircraft, on the ground, in chase planes and even on the ejecting pilot's helmet. (

I am posting this documentary here to show you what happens when a REAL plane crashes. My main point being that crashed planes don’t vanish into thin air. There is ALWAYS debris. The 9/11/2001 photos of the crash sites of United flight 93 (Shanksville, Pennsylvania) and American Airlines flight 77 (Pentagon) do not show ANY plane debris which is literally impossible.

There was also no plane debris recovered from the Twin Towers. The engine that was found on Murray Street, which supposedly was the engine of United Airlines flight 175, was a General Electric engine and United Airlines only uses Pratt & Whitney engines. The engine that was found could therefore NOT have come from United 175.


9/11: An In-Dept Study

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  • Lander7

    September 24, 2017 at 07:56 Reply

    Great video!! This really exposes the flight 93 crash issues. I also have a video that exposes that crash, I added some footage from a flight that crashed with similar aircraft, I also put an eye witness video at the end that is virtually unknown to most people.

    • Randy

      September 24, 2017 at 09:11 Reply

      Excellent! –  I just watched it. The “crash site” of “flight 93” annoys me even more than the one at the Pentagon. There is just a hole in the ground with absolutely NOTHING there and people still don’t get it. Sigh…. 🙂

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