September Clues (2008)

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Perception and belief are tightly bound together.

You can literally see things that are not there…and fail to see things that are.

Magicians practice an art that works with this mental phenomenon to create illusions. It's called misdirection.

Movie special effects directors are experts at this art. The military has also mastered it to deceive enemy forces.

They all create illusions and edit reality.

Our brains do this too.

Every day. Every moment. Otherwise, we'd spend so much time analyzing every scene and setting in our lives that we would not be able to function.

Sometimes though, our edited version of reality is inaccurate.

A very common mistake the brain makes is to connect unrelated events together.

Read the following and pay close attention to what is actually being said:

"I saw a big plane flying low"…

"Then I heard a huge explosion"…

"When I looked at the World Trade Center, it was on fire."

Did this person say that he saw a plane strike the World Trade Center?


Many people who claimed to have seen the alleged strikes actually saw them on TV or heard a plane overhead, heard an explosion, and made an ASSUMPTION as to what happened.

Don't assume anything.




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