Maurie D. Pressman and Patricia Joudry – Twin Souls

Created on Sunday, 29 March 2009 11:05

Not only is it no accident that you are seeking out information on twin souls or twin flames at this time, it is no accident that you find each other. This is a time when many twin souls are reuniting. Authors Joudry and Pressman describe the Divine Plan of the Soul's masculine and feminine aspects, seemingly separate yet eternally linked, as each journey through individual growth to at last reunite into conscious soul unfoldment together.

This book clearly explains the process, provides you with the steps of preparation, the keys to recognizing your twin, recounts stories of several twin soul encounters and inspires your own growth. It is written in poetic prose that is filled with the awe and the rapture appropriate to the momentousness of two twins coming together in consciousness and unconditional love.


Twin Flames


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