UFO’s And Cosmic Dimensions Part 1 of 3: From The Legend To The Reality

Created on Friday, 16 April 2010 12:26

Prepare to embark on a mind bending journey through the worlds of science, spirituality, ancient alien cultures and the future of our modern technological age. Along this journey you will visit the most dramatic sacred sites, explore the worlds greatest alien mysteries and see the future of life on Earth.

In 1947 a pilot in Yakima, Washington spotted nine "saucer-like" craft moving at over 1200 mph across the mid-day sky. His story and many others like it caught the imagination of the world, kicking off the modern flying saucer era and the UFO phenomenon that exists today.

Now drawing on shocking new discoveries from the world's greatest scientific minds, this epic investigative series presents factual proof of UFO and Alien influences today that have shaped history and human evolution for thousands of years. Includes shocking eyewitness accounts, stunning film of UFOs, explosive classified information, incredible statements from major scientists and international experts and is the most complete profile of UFOs ever released to the public.

Ultimately your perception of reality will be turned inside out by the facts presented in this award winning series of programs.

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