The Fools On The Hill

American politicians don't write the laws or read the laws which, strangely enough, is not currently required anywhere in the U.S., and then they pass the laws.

Disgusted with the corruption and legislative malpractice, average-Joe-citizen Jerrol LeBaron set out on a quest to get legislation passed that would force legislators, at both the state and federal level, to read and fully understand any piece of legislation before voting "yes" on it, and to make the final text of the bill available for public perusal online prior to the vote.

This seems to be a common-sense requirement that would get broad support across the political spectrum, but Fools On The Hill shows just how entrenched the interests opposed to such a measure are, and how difficult it would be to actually get that kind of legislation passed. (Edited from

The question that immediately comes to mind of course is, would the members of Congress actually read and pass a bill into legislation, which requires them to read every bill before passing it as law?  Hmm, I think not.


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