Laurence G. Boldt – How To Find The Work You Love

Created on Sunday, 29 March 2009 13:02

Instead of focusing on what color tie to wear or whether to send that follow up thank you card to your prospective employer, Laurence G. Boldt instead starts with the big questions and systematically focuses them down into simple, yet effective criteria to pursue the work you love. The first 2 chapters examine the paradigms and obstacles that get in the way of doing the work you love. The third chapter offers a basic formula for finding the work you love:

-Decide what you are looking for

-Decide to keep looking until you find it

-Decide when you have found it

He then defines "it" with 4 simple criteria: Integrity, Service, Enjoyment, Excellence. The following chapters examine each in more detail, mixing in focusing questions here and there. The questions range from 'When you were a child, what did you most love to do?' to 'What is the purpose of your life?' to identifying ways you can earn a living doing what you love, and identifying those in your life most/least supportive of your dreams.


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