Project Camelot: Ole Dammegård – Assassinations And False Flags

Created on Tuesday, 22 July 2014 22:04

In this Project Camelot interview (published on February 10th, 2014) author Ole Dammegård connects the dots and discusses the similarities, or 'templates' as he calls them, between high profile assassinations and false flag operations, which have taken place in recent and not so recent history. Some of the topics discussed are the false flags 9/11, Aurora, Sandy Hook and Boston Bombings and the assassinations of JFK and RFK to name but a few.

If you watch this interview and some (or all) of the content seems outlandish to you do your own research. If nothing else I guarantee the least you will learn, is that sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.


10 Signs Of A False Flag Operation

The Men Who Killed Kennedy

Evidence Of Revision


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