Cathy O’Brien at the Free Your Mind 2 Conference (2013)

On August 3rd, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA’s top secret mind control research program code named MK-Ultra. Cathy O’Brien, a top-level MK-Ultra victim, was covertly rescued from her mind control enslavement by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips on February 8th, 1988. Their seven year pursuit of Justice was stopped "for reasons of national security".

Cathy O’Brien's book 'TRANCE Formation of America: True life story of a mind control slave', is the first documented autobiography of a victim and whistleblower of government run trauma based mind control. This book exposes the truth behind this covert government program and its ultimate goal: psychological control of a nation.

Caution: The information in this presentation can and will be extremely disturbing for people who have never heard or read about trauma based mind control before. Viewer discretion is therefore advised.

More information can be found on Cathy O'Brien's website:

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