Jay Parker at the Free Your Mind 4 Conference (2016): Humanity, The Programmable Species

Waking people up to reality by sharing knowledge so we can save what is left of civilization and the earth's ecology. – Jay Parker

Like Cathy O’Brien, Jay Parker is a survivor of trauma based mind control, who has first hand insider knowledge of The New World Order agenda. The full title of this presentation is "Solution-Think: Humanity, The Programmable Species". In case you came back from a trip to the moon yesterday; The New World Order is the Global Facisct Regime that is currently being implemented under the pretext of "fighting the corona virus pandemic". 

In this presentation Jay Parker covers the wide range of plans that are on the agenda for New World Order, and I strongly advise you to visit The New World Order and The Corona Virus Cult sections to learn more. If a term or a person is mentioned that you aren't familar with you can of course also run a search on my site or look for more information online. Educate yourself!

Click to visit Jay Parker's Website.

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