The New American Century

Created on Thursday, 18 February 2010 12:50

This film deals with the untold history of The Project for the New American Century and connects the dots right to the present. It exposes how every major war in US history was based on a complete fraud with video of insiders themselves admitting it.

It shows:

* how the first film theaters in the US were used over a hundred years ago to broadcast propaganda and rile the American people into the Spanish-American War.

* the white papers of the oil company Unocal which called for the creation of a pipeline through Afghanistan and how their exact needs were fulfilled through the US invasion of Afghanistan.

* how Halliburton under their "cost plus" exclusive contract with the US Government went on a mad spending spree akin to something out of the movie Brewster's Millions. Instead of blowing $30 million they blew away BILLIONS by literally burning millions of dollars worth of cars and trucks if they had so much as a flat tire.

This film also provides solid evidence for the true reasons behind the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, whose unfolding is described in chilling detail in a document called "Project for the New American Century" published in the year 2000.


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