Susan Jeffers – Feel the Fear… and Do it Anyway

Created on Tuesday, 24 March 2009 19:16

From Library Journal
Based on a course taught at the New School for Social Research, this book offers readers a clear-cut plan for action that, when followed, should help one to unlearn misconceptions about fear and replace them with attitudes of strength and conviction.

By mixing positive thinking with situational exercises that examine basic fear responses, psychologist Jeffers shows that fear is what you make of it and that in most cases it is unfounded. She also illustrates key points through examining case studies, which show that when we are fearful, faulty thinking is most often the real culprit; when such thinking is corrected, the fear is gone.

This book by no means offers a quick, fix-it course, as the author encourages return visits to the text when situations call for it.

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