The Bizarre Denver International Airport

The Bizarre Denver International Airport

The airport I am referring to in this article is Denver Airport, which was built in 1995despite the fact that Denver already had a fully functioning airport called Stapleton International Airport.

Ordinarily, when a new construction is built to replace another, it is either due to the fact the previous structure is faulty, or that the new proposed structure needs better technology or in the case of an airport, more runway space. None of this was in fact the case with Denver Airport. Stapleton was fully operational with no underlying issues. The replacement airport had less runway space and it also didn't sport any fantastic new technological advancements over the previous. However, having said all that, the new Denver Airport did have an enormous amount of dead space surrounding the airport, owned by the airport, and there are no plans in place for extra runways or parking.

From an aerial perspective or satellite image, the entire complex forms the shape of a giant Nazi Swastika, which understandably does not sit too comfortable with some people.

Perhaps the single most talked about feature of the new Denver Airport, and this is only due to the blatant visibility as there are many other disturbing features, is the collection of protected murals.

In plain sight of passengers departing and entering the airport, there are giant-sized murals depicting horrifying images. Many people have expressed the fact that airports, for the vast majority of people, are intimidating places at the best of times. To be bombarded with such explicit images of death before boarding an airplane is borderline sadistic.

Are these murals one man's warped artistic mind running wild, or are they a visual representation of plans laid out by the NWO (New World Order), who many people feel are the real architects of Denver Airport. There are many disturbing details that one can see within the murals. The image of (what looks like) a Nazi stormtrooper wielding an Arabian Sword in one hand, as it slices through the Earth leaving devastation and destruction in its path, and an AK-47 assault rifle in the other hand. It is worth noting that the sword appears to be slicing through two tower blocks, pretty reminiscent of the Twin Towers disaster on 9/11. What's more frightening about this image is that it was painted well before the 9/11 tragedy. The artist responsible for the murals is Leo Tanguma who, to the best of my knowledge, has never actually held an interview explaining the meaning of the murals, if in fact there are meanings.


Another intriguing artistic touch: gargoyles out of suitcases

As I have already briefly mentioned the New World Order and their involvement in the building of the airport, let me just explain a little bit about this group. Many people believe, and with good reason, that an "elite" group of individuals run the world. We are not alluding to simple straightforward individuals such as Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Monarchs, but much more influential and even more destructive people than theseThe individuals who really pick and chose governments throughout the world, people who hold much more power and far greater evil minds than the lunatics we openly call our leaders. It is believed that the New World Order group wants to reduce the population on this planet by quite a bit, and by that I mean a reduction of billions of lives, that are only seen as parasitic to the globalist mentality and therefore totally expendable.

On entering Denver Airport you are welcomed by a large cornerstone, which has engraved on it “New World Airport Commission Contributors”. There is other information on the stone but this particular phrase is of special interest, as there is no such organization as “New World Airport Commission Contributors”. Could this be a metaphor for the New World Order, or perhaps a secret building block in their plan for global domination?


On further investigation of the airport, the periodic table symbol for gold and silver (Au Ag) appears throughout different areas of the airport, however certain individuals think it represents something far more sinister. One of the main sponsors of Denver Airport is also supposed to have discovered a new deadly strain of the Hepatitis B Virus also known as Australia Antigen, which also has the (Au Ag) symbol. Obviously due to this people assume the symbol with the (Au Ag) represents the method on which the New World Order is to reduce the population to the "preferred size".

The final piece of the puzzle as far as Denver Airport is concerned is the massive underground network that many local people have watched materialize over the last few years. Vast underground buildings and a network of tunnels connecting have been witnessed and when the airport officials are questioned, or even people working on the construction are asked about it, they simply reply that they are not permitted to talk about it, or ignore the question altogether. Within this vast network of underground tunnels and buildings made of concrete, sprinkler type systems have been installed. Again, when people inquire about a sprinkler system installed in a non-flammable environment, blank expressions are returned. All of this adds fuel to the theory that when the New World Order kick-start their mission to overthrow the globe, the Denver Airport’s underground networks and others like it around the world will be used to contain citizens under Martial Law. Once they have been rounded up and herded into these complexes, the use of the so-called sprinkler systems will become apparent. Much like the terrible concentration camps of Nazi Germany, these sprinkler systems will pump through the deadly Hepatitis B virus (Au Ag Australia Antigen).

As with all Truth-Seeking Theories or Conspiracy Theories of this nature, there is always another group who are more than willing to explain away all the demonic imagery and actions that are laid out in this article. For example, while Au Ag is partially correct in representing Australia Antigen after I conducted my own research on this matter, I discovered that it is only partially right and that the correct abbreviation for the strain is (Au Ag-Ab), so one must ask, has this been left off to fit someone else’s theory. Also as far as the sprinkler system goes, regardless of the environment being concrete and pretty much non-flammable, in all underground establishments oxygen is constantly pumped in and pure oxygen is a massive potential fire hazard. This could be what the sprinkler system is in place for.

As for the other things such as the shape of the complex and the terrifying murals, I don’t have an answer as to why they have been situated at an airport in the intimidating fashion they have been set. It has also been reported on various occasions that high profile individuals such as the British Royal Family and many others in this realm of status have purchased property close to the facility. It is of course no secret that not far from Denver Airport, in the Cheyenne Mountains of Colorado Springs, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command) are stationed deep within and under the mountains. 

For me personally, I am always open-minded about pretty much everything, I think that to shut out and ignore what is going on around us, is to be ignorant and that is neither helpful to me as an individual, nor to other people around me. However, I do try to take a logical approach on matters, I don’t always get things right, but so long as I have researched the matter for myself, I know I am not simply being lead by the few who want it to be like that. 

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