If Cats and Dogs Can Do It, Humanity Can Do It

Last updated: June 22, 2020 at 17:25 pm

Take care of and protect each other. Cats and Dogs may be a lot of things, but Stupid isn't one of them.

Do you suppose they are concerned with the color of each other's fur? I Don't Think So.

Update 19 June 2020

I watched episode nr. 3 (27 September 2017) of David Whitehead's Truth Warrior podcast this morning titled Survival/Warrior Code/Transhumanism/Free Will, in which he makes some excellent comments about identity, being confident and creating a Truly Empowered Self. The segment I'm referring to is in the clip below, but I advise you to watch the full episode for context. 

I would translate what David is saying to being secure within yourself to such an absolute extent, that validation from without becomes irrelevant. If you can attain that level of confidence you will be a Truly Empowered Being- regardless of race, gender or any other label that society wants to assign to you- who is able to inspire and empower others in a positive way.

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