The Codes Of Gender

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Sut Jhally is a Professor of Communication at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and Founder and Executive Director of the Media Education Foundation. He is one of the world's leading scholars looking at the role played by advertising and popular culture in the processes of social control and identity construction.

His documentary film 'The Codes of Gender' offers an in-depth analysis of how gender is portrayed and performed in advertising. It's a very informative film that will raise viewers' consciousness about the omnipresent codes of gender, that are repeated in concentrated form throughout the media. It will also encourage viewers to question the seeming normality of these codes and understand that these codes, while presented as normal, are insidious, especially for women.

As one reviewer put it:

"Completely engrossing… For a generally jaded viewer such as I, perhaps the best measure of the effectiveness of this work is the fact that it made me see things I hadn't seen before and made me think in new ways, about the ubiquitous images and messages that inundate and inform everyday life."


– Gary Handman | Educational Media Reviews Online

The second video in this playlist is a presentation given by Jeanne Kilbourne, that focuses specifically on how women are portrayed in advertising. After watching these 2 videos you'll probably never look at an ad the same way again.


Jean Killbourne on The Image Of Women In Advertising


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