The Truth About The Australian Bushfires

The article titled "Australia fires: Government criticised for failing to use firefighting planes from overseas as thousands flee to beaches" written by Jane Dalton for The Independent and the video below by Paul Joseph Watson, contain the best comments that I have read and watched about the Australian bushfires so far.

To quote a passage in the article by Ms. Dalton:

Jon Dee, founder of environmental charity Planet Ark, said the US Forest Service had eight firefighting planes available on 24 hours’ notice but the Australian government had not asked to borrow them. “Why are we not using these planes in the current bushfire crisis?” he tweeted.


The Independent has contacted Australia's department of the prime minister and cabinet, and the department for home affairs, for comment.


NSW fire and rescue commissioner Greg Mullins said $11m (£5.8m) provided by the federal government to boost aerial firefighting earlier this month was “smoke and mirrors” and “too little too late”. He also claimed dozens of aircraft were mothballed in the northern hemisphere that could be available “in a week”, the Sydney Morning Herald reported“What I and 29 other former chiefs are saying is that with longer and overlapping fire seasons it is just very clear that we are going to run out of large aircraft,” he said. “They should be looking at these scooping aircraft because Croatia, Italy, France, Portugal and Canada have all got them, and they are all in mothballs in winter. There are dozens of them and they are cheaper than jets.


“If they [the government] wanted to make an impact, just about every state and territory could have a couple of them if the government kicked the tin.


“They could get on to the Canadian government and I am sure they would be here in a week. They’d have as many as we want.”

Paul Joseph Watson

As I have said many times on my site: stop believing all the nonsense that you're being spoonfed by the mainstream media and do your own research. Also, if you think that the bushfires in the Amazon and Australia are as bad as it gets, think again, and do research on the consequences of 5G for ALL organic life on the planet.

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