Richard Feynman – The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

Edited From The Back Cover

Raised in Far Rockaway, New York, Richard P. Feynman received his Ph.D. from Princeton in 1942. He played an important role in the development of the atomic bomb (Manhattan Project) during World War II. After the war, Feynman went on to teach at both Cornell University and the California Institute of Technology, and in 1965 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his research in Quantum Electrodynamics (QED). Besides being a brilliant physicist, Feynman was also an accomplished artist, bongo player, and safecracker.

The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out is a collection of his best short works – interviews and speeches, lectures, and articles. Feynman was a very engaging speaker and many of his lectures and interviews can be found online (YouTube). 


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