Who’s Got God’s Millions?

Created on Friday, 17 December 2010 13:32

In this documentary, Robert Llewellyn attempts to discover which of the world’s top four monotheistic religions has the most money. His journey takes him from Canterbury Cathedral to Vatican City and Israel, as he bids to calculate the income and assets of the Anglican Commune, the Catholic Church, Judaism, and Islam.

“As an atheist, I’ve always wondered how much money the faiths keep stuffed under the mattress,” says Llewellyn. In this time of financial crisis, when billions of dollars and pounds are being coughed up to support struggling banks, he feels it is time to discover the financial interests of the world’s biggest monotheistic faiths.

The Vatican for example has its own bank (!!) that's obviously doing very, very well: The Vatican Bank. 

In the words of the late, great George Carlin:


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