John Lamb Nash – Not In His Image

Review by Stanislav Grof, M.D.

John Lamb Nash's Not In His Image is a rare achievement, combining impeccable scholarship with remarkable visionary insight. In a breathtaking tour de force, the author provides a profound analysis of the history of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and their connections to the patriarchal system. He identifies the deep roots of the intrinsic problems of these three religions, namely perpetrator-victim emphasis and salvationist ideology, and points out their relationship to the alienation and agony of modern humanity.


In my opinion Not In His Image is a book that should be read by every person capable of reading and especially by individuals who identify with the Judeo-Christian-Islamic ideology. In this book, John Nash covers many aspects of the wisdom of the ancient world. When referring to the centuries-long Christian cover-up and eradication of all evidence of Gnostics and the Mysteries he asks, "What kind of religion, what manner of universal truth, what glowing message of love and forgiveness, needs to make itself known and accepted through destruction of this kind, and on this scale?" 

A highly intelligent and very valid question.


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