John Anthony West – Serpent In The Sky: The High Wisdom Of Ancient Egypt

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John Anthony West has done the world an enormous service with this bold, well written, and engaging book. He extends the work of Alsatian philosopher and mathematician, R.A, Schwaller de Lubicz, making it not only comprehensible to the lay reader but also one of the most plausible explanations for the grandeur and magnificence of ancient Egyptian culture.

West is anything but a New Age flake and he takes some fairly tough-minded positions on the absurdities of modern scholarship. Yet he has the advantage over most orthodox Egyptologists in that he can (a) write — and write superbly — and (b) he has a sense of humor, which makes even his most vitriolic attacks on those who persist in ascribing the monuments of Egypt to a race of egomaniacal barbarians, the work of a rational giant in a world of Lilliputians.

His grasp of the entire sweep of Egyptian history is extraordinary, and his ability to render even the most complex accounts of Pythagorean geometry or symbolism in the hieroglyphs is something every would-be academic should take notes on. Besides all this, the book is beautifully illustrated on every page. 


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