The 5G Wi-Fry of Earth

A month or so ago it came to my attention that 5G has the millimeter-wave region of the electromagnetic spectrum at it's very core. As this has extremely serious consequences for all organic life on the planet I decided to write this article.

It's not just 5G; millimeter wavelenght anything is weapon grade technology. If your are new to the site read these articles first for a better understanding: HAARP and Advances In Tesla Technology and The Malaysian Airliner Isn’t Missing – It Is Exactly Where Somebody Has Designed It To Be.

Let me give you another example: the US Airforce and Raytheon developed a weapon for crowd control called ADS (which stands for 'Active Denial System') that uses millimeter waves. This system isn't only used in war zones but can also be used on civilians in urban areas. So what does ADS do? The waves penetrate clothing and generate a sensation of intense burning pain on the target's skin. The PR spin is that this isn't lethal but all that has to be done to make it lethal is of course to increase the intensity of the wave. Now imagine this technology being active in every cell phone, appliance and product that you use and the potential for misuse. 

There are some very interesting and highly informative presentations and articles online about the dangers of the 5G roll-out. I strongly advise you to educate yourself about the health and environmental consequences if you haven't done so yet. 

Playlist content:

1. The Electromagnetic Spectrum; 2. How does your mobile phone work?; 3. Jeromy Johnson (expert in EMF exposure) at Tedx Berkeley, 'Wireless wake-up call';

4. Dr. Martin Pall (B.A., PhD.), ' The 5G rollout is absolutely insane'; 5. Dr. Devra Davies (PhD., MPH), 'The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation'; 

6. Sacha Stone (New Earth Project), '5G Apocalypse'; 7. The truth about Smart meters – 'Take back your power' (documentary)

Recommended Reading:

Saturday, January 25th 2020, Global 5G Protest Day

Overview of Events


Cities Around the World Unite for Global Protest Against 5G Technology on January 25 by Derrick Broze

News Coverage from First 5G Global Protest, January 25, 2020

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