Graham Hancock – Fingerprints Of The Gods

Created on Thursday, 26 March 2009 19:33

Graham Hancock, a reporter for the Economist and Sunday London Times, has done what many of us only dream about – he visited the ruins of many ancient cultures from around the globe and came up with some startling findings and theories. His journeys included: Machu Picchu in Peru, the Mayan ruins of Central America and Mexico, the Aztec ruins near Mexico City, the city of Teotihuacan, and the Egyptian ruins of Giza, the Pyramids, Heliopolis, Saqqara and Abydos.

He begins the book with a chapter introducing us to an ancient map of Antartica made in AD 1513. It is called the Piri Reis map drawn up in Constantinople. It is an enigma because the 'modern' world only "recently" discovered Antartica in AD 1818. Graham Hancock ends his book with more information and theories about the reason Antartica may have shifted about 2,000 miles south of its original location, believed to be a subtropical climate, similar to that of the Meditarranean. Antartica is believed to have been situated about 30 degrees north of its present position on the planet. The explanation for its movement is based on an idea endorsed by Albert Einstein, who wrote of it in 1953 before the scientific community had formulated the continental drift theory and the earth-crust shift theory. Graham Hancock provides numerous references from science and archeology to support his theories and conclusions.

He manages to connect catastrophic global events of the past, which scientists agree occurred about 10,500 years B.C., to the ancient monuments and ruins that are still standing. There are predictions that similar catastrophic events may again occur … unless mankind changes their behavior on a global scale.


Quest For The Lost Civilization

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