Merlin Stone – When God Was A Woman

When Gods Was A Woman outlines the historical events and political attitudes that led to the writing of the Judeo-Christian myth of the Fall, the loss of Paradise and, most importantly, why the blame for that loss was attributed to the woman Eve and -according to Judeo-Christian belief – every woman since.

Very few people today are aware of the archeological, mythological en historical evidence which reveals that in prehistoric and early historic periods of human development, people revered their supreme creator as female – The Great Goddess, The Divine Ancestress. Little is known about the centuries of continual persecution and suppression of Goddess worship, by the advocates of the newer religions which held male deities as supreme.

The writers of the Judeo-Christian Bible seem to have purposely glossed over the sexual identity of the female deity, who was held sacred by the neighbors of the Hebrews in Canaan, Babylon, and Egypt. The Old Testament doesn't even have a word for "Goddess". In the bible the Goddess is referred to as Elohim in the masculine gender, to be translated as "God". Interestingly enough the Koran of the Mohammedans states, "Allah will not tolerate idolatry, the pagans pray to females".

In her book 'When God Was A Woman' author Merlin Stone clearly explains, how the shift from matriarchy to patriarchy came about through a wholesale rewriting of history and various myths.


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