Big, Bigger, Biggest – The Independence Of The Seas

Created on Tuesday, 07 January 2014 11:53

Big, Bigger, Biggest – Cruise Ship shows how 150 years of engineering and technological breakthroughs, made it possible to build the 18 story high cruise liner 'Independence Of The Seas'.

After watching this documentary inquiring minds should ask why the kind of progress that has been made in, for example, aeronautical engineering (Antonov 225, Airbus A380) and marine engineering, hasn't been made in space engineering. Why has the development of space travel come to an almost grinding halt?

Currently the biggest cruise ship in the world, by 5 centimeters, is Allure of the Seas. The 2nd biggest cruise liner is Oasis of the Seas. The Oasis is five times bigger than the Titanic and it cost Royal Caribbean International USD 1.4 billion to launch it. For this amount NASA could launch the Space Shuttle into orbit 3 times…

Quite interesting.


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