Dan Millman – Way Of The Peaceful Warrior

Created on Sunday, 29 March 2009 11:37

This book is appealing because it provides easy access for people to naturally identify, connect with, and be in touch with the spiritual part of themselves. Indeed, Way of the Peaceful Warrior does just that with its piercing truths, lively narrative, and humorous wisdom. Like Castaneda, it enables the reader to reflect on the deepest questions of life.

Told with drama and insight, the novel revolves around Dan, a world champion gymnast and student at the University of California at Berkeley. The story begins when Dan meets his powerful 96-year-old mentor Socrates, an all-night gas station attendant. Guided by this wise old mentor and tempted by an elusive and playful woman named Joy, Dan journeys through everyday reality and metaphysical realms. He travels the paths of flesh and spirit, romance and terror, light and darkness, laughter and magic, learning new ways to see the world and live life.


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