Jim Humble – The Miracle Mineral Supplement Of The 21st Century

Created on Sunday, 30 August 2009 13:35

This book tells of the discovery and development of a new mineral that cured many people of malaria in the jungle of South America, and successfully treated more than 75,000 cases of malaria in Africa. At the same time, more than 388 cases of AIDS were successfully treated, and clinical trials were run with 100% success in the country of Malawi.

Since that time, thousands of people have successfully used the solution that is described in the book. People have recovered from Hepatitis C, diabetes, cancer, TB, colds, flu, lupus, and many other diseases. More than 100,000 people in America have been treated with more than 11,000 bottles of the solution being sold each month as of March 2008.

This miracle mineral solution boosts the immune system and creates an internal environment that disease-borne pathogens cannot survive in.


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