London Real with Dr. Andrew Kaufman M.D. – Unmasking The Lies Around COVID-19

London Real with Dr. Andrew Kaufman M.D. – Unmasking The Lies Around COVID-19

Brian Rose has done some very good work with regard to giving a platform to doctors and other professionals, whose expert opinions on "COVID-19" go against the official "trust us and drink the Kool-Aid" story. This is a TRULY excellent interview that he did with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, M.D. and I encourage you to watch it, listen very carefully to what is being said, fact check what you don't understand or have doubts about, and then share this video with as many people as possible.

Andrew Kaufman, M.D. is a forensic psychiatrist, natural healing consultant, public speaker and inventor. He completed his psychiatric training at Duke University Medical Center after graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina, and he has a B.S. from M.I.T. in Molecular Biology. He has conducted and published original research and lectured, supervised, and mentored medical students, residents, and fellows in all psychiatric specialties. He has been qualified as an expert witness in local, state, and federal courts, held leadership positions in academic medicine and professional organizations and he ran a start-up company to develop a medical device he invented and patented.

In this April 29th, 2020 interview with London Real, Dr. Kaufman clearly explains that there is no scientific evidence to qualify "COVID-19" as a disease, and why the measures that have been implemented worldwide (i.e. the global lockdown, "social distancing", wearing surgical or other types of face masks etc.), have nothing to do with fighting a real pandemic. I fully agree with Dr. Kaufman and Brian Rose when they say that wearing face masks for instance, is just another way to reinforce "social distancing", and next to having adverse effects on a person's health (the masks actually make it more difficult to breathe to name just one), it brainwashes people into fearing each other and human interaction in general.

The psychopaths behind the scenes want to train people to start interacting with each other like robots and to be just as controllable, so for the millionth time, don't fall for it. 

Listening with a headset will give you the best audio quality for this video. Highly recommended viewing. 

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